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Yes, I am posting! - Mistress Sheridan Taylor

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February 3rd, 2012

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12:57 pm - Yes, I am posting!
And isn't it about time?!

I have been ok ... settling into my new home and finally getting all my furniture and other things sorted!

2011 was a dreadful year ... My mother passed away and then moving into a temporary apartment till this wonderful apartment came up. Let's hope this year is a better year all round!

On the session scene, things have been quiet although I have already conducted some sessions here and I must say that the space is roomy and has a great feel to it. I have always preferred a domestic environment and people I play with also share that view.

I am available for session during the day ... I don't often session at night these days ... I am definitely a day person! Please phone me on 0401 339629 to schedule a suitable appointment.

Otherwise ... vanilla work is fine and sticking to the evening shifts which leaves me plenty of time during the day to do other things.

Talk soon!

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess

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