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Just thinking about some naughty session ideas! - Mistress Sheridan Taylor

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October 21st, 2010

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07:49 pm - Just thinking about some naughty session ideas!
Hey there,

Yes, my mind is working at 1000 miles an hour ... so many naughty session ideas! Nope, not sharing ... I guess you will have to come and visit to check out what I have in mind! lol

What's new here? Not too much ... sessions have been fun and looking forward to a heavy discipline session with a 'long time ago' regular player. It will be awesome to catch up and even more fun to administer the discipline! A fantastic session with a Mistress and her pet this week. It is always fantastic to have the opportunity to play with more than one at any time. Conducting session here at my boudoir does limit that opportunity. It was great to have my boots worshiped and I very much enjoyed some puppy play!

My web blogger sponsor didn't last a minute ... so that was all nonsense ... shame as it would have been fun and somewhat inspiring! So any blogger sponsors out there are more than welcome! laughing!

Email training is available with one place left for next month. Please email me directly on servemistress@hotmail.com for more info and yes ... tribute does apply.

Phone sessions are fun and easy to organise by phoning or emailing me for a suitable session time and tribute methods.

Not much to do over the weekend except my evening shifts ... they are always busy and can get quite hectic. Luckily I have tues/wed/thurs off each week!

that's about it

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess

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Date:December 3rd, 2010 12:19 am (UTC)


i like you my mistress
u make me a nice dog of you
every one should be one of your nice dogs....

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