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September 10th, 2010

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09:10 am - Hey there!
Hi A/all,

Yeah ... a long awaited post here! ... and isn't it about time!

Life has been busy as always and before I get a second to stop and take a breather ... I realise it has been months since I posted an update here!

What's been happening ... mmmm let's see ...
Sessions have been fun ... Last week a player decided to bring a friend to session who has a switch interest in bdsm. I very much enjoy the opportunity to play with multiple players in session as it doesn't happen often enough! We delivered a wonderful caning and left our masochist in a very sore state! A sissy session coming up next week (extended) which are always a pleasure as I very much enjoy all forms of cross dressing.

Email Training available! Yes, tribute obviously applies and there are 2 placings available. For more info email me directly to servemistress@hotmail.com and I shall forward the relevant info to you.

Phone sessions are also available! Easy to arrange by phoning me on 0401 339629 to discuss suitable times etc.

Home life is ok ... My mother hasn't been so well lately and I have been spending every spare hour with her. She has several health issues including diabetes which affects her general health and well being. She has been very forgetful lately and it doesn't seem to be improving lately.

My vanilla work has been fine and I am so fortunate that they are so flexible with me in my situation (session times and family commitments). My attendance lately as been so all over the place with 17 million shift swaps! Gawd, there are some very very cool people there and what originally started as 'getting a straight job for regular income' thing has now become very important to me. I have met some wonderful people there and made some fantastic friendships ... As for the Rostering and Pay Mistress ... well, let me tell you that she can really kick some ass! hahahaha Wouldn't she make a great Mistress? lol ... A realist and down to earth ... . I look at her and think to myself ... if she can do her job each day ... she could do anything she wanted in this world!

Today ... off to do the usual domestic stuff and then off to work for the evening. Friday and Saturday evenings are very busy infact hectic would be a better description.

Next week's session schedule is all over the place as my available session days are Thursday and Friday ... Please contact asap should you require an appointment.

Ok ... that's it for now ...

take care

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess

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