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November 5th, 2012

06:55 pm - It's been too long ...
Yes, it's been too long since I posted here ... Why? Life in general has kept me very busy as well as trying to balance work with session time and still settling into my new place which is starting feel very comfortable! yay!

Short note about r/t sessions: I am available for r/t sessions however I do need one (1) day notice unless I have met you before and can fit you into my day :)

Email training is big at the moment and I am very much enjoying dominating all over the world ... so don't be shy! 2 placings left and ready to start! Please email me for more info at servemistress@hotmail.com

Not too much to write and everything is pretty ok ... it's been a crazy year and looking forward to Christmas.

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
Current Mood: calmcalm

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February 3rd, 2012

12:57 pm - Yes, I am posting!
And isn't it about time?!

I have been ok ... settling into my new home and finally getting all my furniture and other things sorted!

2011 was a dreadful year ... My mother passed away and then moving into a temporary apartment till this wonderful apartment came up. Let's hope this year is a better year all round!

On the session scene, things have been quiet although I have already conducted some sessions here and I must say that the space is roomy and has a great feel to it. I have always preferred a domestic environment and people I play with also share that view.

I am available for session during the day ... I don't often session at night these days ... I am definitely a day person! Please phone me on 0401 339629 to schedule a suitable appointment.

Otherwise ... vanilla work is fine and sticking to the evening shifts which leaves me plenty of time during the day to do other things.

Talk soon!

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess

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November 17th, 2011

07:01 pm - New place ...
Hey A/all,
I am very pleased to announce that I have moved to my new home ... a lovely courtyard apartment on the fringe of the eastern suburbs. I am in the middle of unpacking and making it more comfortable ... and am looking forward to conducting exciting encounters and hoping to also conduct more domestic styled sessions from my new location. My phone number has not changed ... 0401 339629.

All is well otherwise and hoping to see you soon

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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March 26th, 2011

09:12 am - Notice of Passing
My mother passed away last Wednesday 23rd March 2011 at Wolper Hospital in Sydney.
My mother was a huge part of my life and she will be dearly missed.

Mistress Sheridan Taylor

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December 12th, 2010

03:22 am - It's 'that' time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner!
Wow ... where has this year gone? ... Not long to go till Santa comes to visit! :)

Special Email Training / Detentions are available for Christmas Day and New Years Day ... I am ready to punish all you naughty boys!

Please email for further details to servemistress@hotmail.com ... yes ... tribute does apply!

Things are pretty ok around here ... things going nice and smooth ... hoping to see some players before the festive season as we all get busy with family during this time.

I shall be available for sessions during the festive period however keep in mind that I do require a few hours notice ... phone 0401 339629 to schedule a suitable appointment.

Drive safe and be well ...

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas to all

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess

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October 21st, 2010

07:49 pm - Just thinking about some naughty session ideas!
Hey there,

Yes, my mind is working at 1000 miles an hour ... so many naughty session ideas! Nope, not sharing ... I guess you will have to come and visit to check out what I have in mind! lol

What's new here? Not too much ... sessions have been fun and looking forward to a heavy discipline session with a 'long time ago' regular player. It will be awesome to catch up and even more fun to administer the discipline! A fantastic session with a Mistress and her pet this week. It is always fantastic to have the opportunity to play with more than one at any time. Conducting session here at my boudoir does limit that opportunity. It was great to have my boots worshiped and I very much enjoyed some puppy play!

My web blogger sponsor didn't last a minute ... so that was all nonsense ... shame as it would have been fun and somewhat inspiring! So any blogger sponsors out there are more than welcome! laughing!

Email training is available with one place left for next month. Please email me directly on servemistress@hotmail.com for more info and yes ... tribute does apply.

Phone sessions are fun and easy to organise by phoning or emailing me for a suitable session time and tribute methods.

Not much to do over the weekend except my evening shifts ... they are always busy and can get quite hectic. Luckily I have tues/wed/thurs off each week!

that's about it

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess

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September 23rd, 2010

02:36 pm - Cooking day today!
Hey there!

Believe it or not ... I really enjoy cooking especially since weekends are consumed by evening shifts and other things during the day, I like to have yummy things ready! I went out earlier and did the normal stuff like bill paying ewwww ... and then popped into coles and several bags later thought to myself 'overload here' lol ... anyway made a lovely ministrone soup, potato salad and some chicken casserole! Yum!

It was fun to get some comments on my recent posts ... even a blogger sponsor ... wouldn't that be awesome!

Having a few friends over this evening and an early night to follow ... and not much else to write here today

Keep well

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess

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September 12th, 2010

02:29 pm - Sunday!
Hey there,

I love Sundays ... especially when the weather is great. Sundays are always busy for me as I have a regular weekly online session at 9am with an overseas player which I really enjoy. I also do a shift at my vanilla job starting at 4pm till midnight ... but Sundays are generally pretty laid back.

Something I found most annoying a few weeks ago! Many of us have profiles on the bdsm sites like collarme, alt.com and fetlife etc ...well, so do I ... Only to receive an email from a player that I used to session with around 10 years ago to advise me that either I had moved to the states or someone was using some of my photos from the ST site ... Mmmm ... I didn't like the feel of that so I contacted the site to remove them and I must say that it was a total pain in the ass although they removed the user id and the associated photos that are mine! Ewww ... why would anyone do that? The mind boggles!

Next week has a crazy week with all my vanilla shifts changed ... My free days are Mon, Thurs, Fri and Sat ... so if you are thinking of a session appointment please phone me asap on 0401 339629. More often than not, I can arrange other days etc however, I do need a days notice ...

Email training: still 2 placings left! This is your perfect opportunity to join my stable! Email me for further info to servemistress@hotmail.com and yes, tribute does apply.

Phone sessions are also very easy to arrange by calling me directly on 0401 339629. I love naughty phone sessions!

Oooh, for my cross dressers ... I hit the 'La Senza' store and have an entire new collection of lingerie in most sizes including X Large ... I went crazy with a number of hot items and full lingerie sets ranging from pale pink, hot pink, reds and ofcourse the wicked black.
I am often asked if I actually have the satin party dress or black and pink satin maids outfit that is pictured on my site. YES I DO! All pressed and ready to wear!

Time to do my stuff and get sorted for my evening shift.

talk soon

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess
Current Mood: energetic

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September 10th, 2010

09:10 am - Hey there!
Hi A/all,

Yeah ... a long awaited post here! ... and isn't it about time!

Life has been busy as always and before I get a second to stop and take a breather ... I realise it has been months since I posted an update here!

What's been happening ... mmmm let's see ...
Sessions have been fun ... Last week a player decided to bring a friend to session who has a switch interest in bdsm. I very much enjoy the opportunity to play with multiple players in session as it doesn't happen often enough! We delivered a wonderful caning and left our masochist in a very sore state! A sissy session coming up next week (extended) which are always a pleasure as I very much enjoy all forms of cross dressing.

Email Training available! Yes, tribute obviously applies and there are 2 placings available. For more info email me directly to servemistress@hotmail.com and I shall forward the relevant info to you.

Phone sessions are also available! Easy to arrange by phoning me on 0401 339629 to discuss suitable times etc.

Home life is ok ... My mother hasn't been so well lately and I have been spending every spare hour with her. She has several health issues including diabetes which affects her general health and well being. She has been very forgetful lately and it doesn't seem to be improving lately.

My vanilla work has been fine and I am so fortunate that they are so flexible with me in my situation (session times and family commitments). My attendance lately as been so all over the place with 17 million shift swaps! Gawd, there are some very very cool people there and what originally started as 'getting a straight job for regular income' thing has now become very important to me. I have met some wonderful people there and made some fantastic friendships ... As for the Rostering and Pay Mistress ... well, let me tell you that she can really kick some ass! hahahaha Wouldn't she make a great Mistress? lol ... A realist and down to earth ... . I look at her and think to myself ... if she can do her job each day ... she could do anything she wanted in this world!

Today ... off to do the usual domestic stuff and then off to work for the evening. Friday and Saturday evenings are very busy infact hectic would be a better description.

Next week's session schedule is all over the place as my available session days are Thursday and Friday ... Please contact asap should you require an appointment.

Ok ... that's it for now ...

take care

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess

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June 30th, 2010

08:21 am - Not one to talk about the weather ...
How cold is it ???

I don't mind the winter but hey, this is madness! I love to dress up in my coats and boots with a nice warm fur collar but it has been ridiculously cold and I must say it is not much fun coming home from my evening shifts at night!

I haven't posted for ages ... tsk tsk ... naughty Mistress! Life just seems to go by with the normal stuff happening and to be honest ... some days I am flat out finding a spare hour to sit down and take a few minutes to post! I will try to get back into over the next month.

What's new here?
Well, I went overseas in April only to be affected in the volcano disruption and found myself stranded in Thailand for an extra 2 weeks and then having to buy new flights to get back to Sydney ... to add to that hassle, the political situation was serious at the time and being located in the heart of the protest at the Intercontinental Hotel was not much joy. However, I got back safely!

My mother has not been so well lately ... in and out of hospital and unfortunately somewhat forgetful these days ... so I am spending much more time with her and my commitment to her is full on. She comes out with me most days and spends all her time with me.

It was fun to send slave S to the supermarket for my shopping on Monday ... and upon his return I decided to treat him with a nice and warm GS! Lucky slave ... had he forgotten any item, I would have caned his bare ass! lol ... (he would have enjoyed that!) Maybe next time!

I am still working 4 evenings a week at the call centre. Gosh, it has been nearly 3 years! I must say that I do enjoy going and have made lots of friends there ... I still can't believe how open minded they are! fantastic! The flexible conditions there do not affect my session schedule or my home commitments which are lately overwhelming!

I need to get a move on ... taking my mother for eye laser treatment this morning with a 10am appointment in the city. Parking is terribly expensive there so I plan to get there right on time and not waste a minute there. Should Dr be delayed, I will reschedule.

Talk soon!

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess

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